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74 various free patches for Zebra VST.
Contains demo patches from various soundset i've made available for Zebra VST.

Download free Zebra VST Patches (Sep 2010)

A Chorus with personality and full of vintage flavour.
(NOTE. Only WIN compatible)

Download ST CHORUS 1.0 [2.2 MB] (Oct 2008)


Software Plugin created with SynthEdit

45 MB, 166 various sounds for creating machinery ambience.
7 Categories, each with its own MIDI channel.

Download Machine Creator 1.0 [42 MB] (Jan 2008)

Machine Creator Demo

This Software is created using Maize Sampler

Sounds like 80' Roland JX3P

Download EVOL 1.2 (Aug 2005)

EVOL MP3 Demo 1 (funky) All internal FX

Software Synth created with SynthEdit

Sounds like 80' Yamaha FM 4 Operator

Download Uno FM 1.0 (Mar 2004)

Software Synth created with SynthEdit

Listed as one of the best Freeware FM synths around by Computer Music Magazine

134 Combinator patches from the XSynth Library based on the Subtractor & Malstrom for Reason. It also contains 3 RNS demo songs.

Download XSynth Free [8 MB]

This file is hosted over at Propellerheads site in the free refills section.

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